TEFL training course dates Koh Phangan

  TESOL combined Online - Onsite Course 600 USD.
  Study Online before coming to Koh Phangan.
                       TEFL 4 WEEK COURSE DATES 2018.    

Thai Schools close for Songkran.

 May Fully Booked       

                                   June 25th - July 20th                                       

                                 July 30th - August 24th                                     

                             August 27th - September 21st                             


                            September 24th - October 19th                             

                           October 22nd - November 16th                            

November 26th - December 21st                          











                                     TESOL Syllabus.

EFL Methodologies. 
Teacher Material Development.
Theories of Language Learning.
Teach Pronunciation.
ESL Lesson Planning.
Teaching English Listening.
Teaching English Reading.
Teaching English Writing.
Teach English Grammar.
ESL Classroom Management.
Culture, Traveling and Living Abroad.
Effective Resume Writing and Interviewing.

Free with the TESOL course is an optional 10 assignments. After completing any of the TEFL courses that we offer you will have an extra 60 days to finish and gain any of the optional 10 qualifications. These extra qualifications appear upon your International TEFL certificate. 

Extra Qualifications (Free with your TEFL training).

Advanced Subjects.

Teacher of Business English.
Teacher of TOEFL.
Prep Teacher IELTS.
Prep Teacher TOEIC.
Teacher of English for Academic Purposes.
Teach English - Specific Purposes.
Teach English to Online Students.
Tutoring EFL Students.
Teach PET Prep.
Teach English to young learners.

120 Hours Online plus 2 weeks in Koh Phangan.

TESOL Course $600 USD. 

Including 5 Hours of observed teaching practice on the island!
 Plus 10 advanced extra qualifications included free of charge.

You must complete your academic assignments using our online tutorial, before or during your visit to Koh Phangan. Your teacher’s available via email to assist you with your on line assignments. Then you come to this Paradise Island!

(See syllabus above).

You will have up to six months to complete the on line assignments! When you’re close to completing these modules, you then travel to Koh Phangan. This includes preparation and completion of your live lessons.

You get a further two months to complete the extra 10 advanced subjects. The extra subjects appear on your certificate.

We offer guaranteed job support to teach anywhere in Asia as we have many contacts with availability for teaching English abroad.

 Dates are flexible. We will do our best to schedule the live lessons for the dates and times that fit your time frame.

It is possible to do the live ESL lessons in one week! Please contact us for more details. 


120 hour TESOL Course Koh Phangan, Thailand $995 USD. 

10 hours of monitored live lessons in an ESL environment.

        $995 USD for 1 person, $1700 USD for 2 persons  

This TESOL course covers all the teaching topics and quality experience that you need. You learn about theory, methodology and structure of the English language.

(See TESOL syllabus above).

 Observed lessons to give you confidence for teaching English abroad! 

Included are the course text books, course materials, teaching certificate and a recommendation letter.  

Assistance with your assignments on line and in situ with a highly experienced TEFL trainer. Includes 10 hours observed live lessons in real ESL classrooms. 

It is recommended that you bring your own laptop/notepad as trainees must submit assignments via e-mail as word documents.

The teacher training takes part in a very relaxed environment!  Designed to give students free time to explore the island or relax around the pool.

 When you have finished the 3 - 4 week training, you then have two further months to finish any of the 10 advanced assignments. These are optional! All of the advanced subjects that you complete appear on your certificate. See the advanced subjects above.

We offer job support to teach anywhere in Thailand, as we know contacts with availability for teaching English abroad.

120 hour Koh Phangan TESOL Course $1150 USD.

 15 hours of observed ESL lessons in Phangan, Thailand 
$1150 USD 
for 1 person, $1900 USD for 2 persons.

The TESOL modules cover all the teacher training topics. You’ll learn about the theory and methodology, structure and pronunciation of the language. Modern and up to date methods for teaching English abroad

(See TESOL syllabus above).

Assistance with your assignments with a highly experienced TEFL trainer. Includes 15 hours of live lessons in ESL locations in Koh Phangan.  

The observed ESL lessons take place in a relaxed environment!  Designed to give you the confidence and experience to teach in different locations!

Upon completion of the 4 week TESOL course you will then have two further months to finish any of the extra 10 advanced assignments. These are free of charge and optional. 

Completed advanced subjects appear on your certificate. We offer job support to teach anywhere in Thailand and Asia. We have many contacts for English teaching jobs in public and private schools. We have weekly updates on vacancies in Thailand.

All Paradise TEFL courses represent excellent value for money! The competitive fee includes tuition and all TEFL course materials. Upon successful completion trainees receive an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. All observed teaching practice take place in real ESL classrooms and local businesses.

TEFL courses are designed around small groups of two to four trainees to maximize comfort and ensure students receive attentive superior teaching. Thus creating confidence into your desire to become a teacher abroad.

  It’s recommended that you bring your own laptop/notepad as trainees must submit assignments via e-mail as word documents.



If you would like to have some basic Thai language lessons while completing the TESOL course training, let us know!

Booking Deposit

To book a place on the teacher training on this Paradise Island in Thailand, a 50% deposit is required in advance. This non-refundable deposit can be paid via PayPal. We will send you a PayPal statement to your email. 


 A bank transfer is also acceptable. Contact us, to ask about early and group booking discounts.

Deposit (not including accommodation to be paid in advance). 

Balance (To be paid on or before the first day of the course).

All TEFL TESOL course fees are in US Dollars. Your payment to secure your place can be made in any currency. Please check xe.com for an up-to-date exchange rate in US Dollars. 


Airfares to Thailand, accommodation and food are not included in the price.


 Trainees are welcome to make their own accommodation arrangements. Or take a look at our accommodation page for different options on where to stay on Phangan Island. Rooms and bungalows close to the training center do sometimes get fully booked. Early booking for the course and accommodation is recommended. Please browse the accommodation page to see what’s available! We can help with booking your accommodation.


Flights to Thailand and Visa advice.

For native speaking and European countries, Thailand allows a 28-day visa waiver. So if you are only in Thailand to do TEFL training, you may not need to apply for a visa before you come! If you want to stay in Thailand longer? You must apply for a visa from a Thai Embassy in any country outside of Thailand. Please contact your nearest Thai Embassy well in advance of your travel date. It takes a few days to process your visa application. A tourist visa allows a two month stay in Thailand, plus a 30 day extension. Thus, a tourist visa will give you 90 days in total. It is not possible to obtain a one year student visa! When applying for work, it is the school that employs you, that does your visa and work permit. Make sure your passport has at least one more year of validity remaining when you enter Thailand.

There are now so many flight companies that it is best to surf around for the best deal. You can try Jet airways, Air India, Qatar Airways, Air Egypt, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Virgin, British Airways, Quanta’s, https://www.kayak.co.uk/ or https://www.cheapflights.com/

Local budget airlines in Thailand include Air Asia, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air. The closest airport to Phangan is Samui or SuratThani in the south of Thailand.

TEFL TESOL 10 Hours Monitored Teaching Practice. 

If you have completed a TEFL TESOL or CELTA and still don't feel confident about your teacher skills! This training experience exists for you! Perhaps, because you took your TEFL TESOL training online! Or the training just didn't offer you enough observed teaching practice!

These classes will give you the opportunity to develop 10 hours of lesson plans and deliver them to local students. After each lesson, you gain feedback from your trainer! This will help you to improve your technique when teaching English abroad.

  You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of all the modules!


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